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Inspirationen für Katzen-Fans mit Stil

Inspirationen zur Gestaltung von Ihrem Zuhause mit Katzen

Jede Katze ist einzigartig und besitzt ihren eigenen Willen. Deswegen gibt es keine Standardlösung zur Einrichtung eines katzengerechten Zuhauses.  Und jede Wohnung ist anders, jedes Haus ist besonders. Deswegen haben wir unser Katzenmöbel-System so flexibel wie möglich gestaltet. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren von unseren Kunden, Fans und Freunden. Und planen Sie Ihr eigenes Katzenparadies, in dem sich Ihre Katze wohlfühlt und auch Sie gerne leben. Sie können bei uns auch einfach mit einem ersten Einrichtungsobjekt starten und dann in aller Ruhe weiterbauen. Denn unsere Möbel sind schon heute Klassiker und wird es auch in einiger Zeit noch geben. Den Grundfarben weiß und anthrazit werden wir treu bleiben - versprochen!

The expression of this image is totally fascinating, don't you think? It perfectly shows that cats a
Hop hop little monkey, don't let anyone steal your throne.🐒⁠⁠Wish we'd knew what Like & Loui are
High five to a sunny Tuesday! ⁠Seems like @casa_of_cats is already one step ahead 😃⁠⁠What about
Have a pawesome new week everyone and STEP out of your comfort zone once in a while 💫 ⁠⁠Don't the
The look you get from your cats when they are in full chill-mode but you can't help yourself but cud
Interior design meets functionality 💫⁠⁠Did you know that it is very healthy and beneficial for a
When your cat loves the Swing so much she could eat it.. 😻 Do your cats also love to bite into ever
Little tigers in their natural habitat.🐆⁠⁠Who do you think won the little game about the Steps? ⁠
Lovely Choupette on her SWING cat hammock looking as majestic as it could get. In honor of Karl Lage
Thursday means almost Friday, right? Time to make yourself a home and get cosy.😴⁠⁠We love the way
It's weekend people, take the cats as an example and make yourself some delicious food in some prett
Happy Friday everyone. Have yourself a chilled weekend with lots of floating like @call.me.cliff 😺⁠
Enough resting for today. Let's jump baby 😻. Good to have a playground at the wall.⁠⁠Compliments
Checking if there is any food left in your best friends bowl so you can steal it.😼⁠⁠Minty and Mar
Eat.Sleep.FLOAT.Repeat. 🔁⁠⁠Luckily @froehlicheszuhause already prepared lunch at the beautiful DI
Hiding from all the responsibilities be like...😼⁠⁠Are you more the kind of person who uses Monday
Daily routine. Cats walk their territory. Good to have SCRATCHPAD along the way 😸⁠⁠⁠#lucybalu #d
Sometimes it takes some steps to reach the top. But the view is always worth it. 💫⁠⁠Did you know
Bring back the sun ☀️ So much snow outside, we‘d rather stay inside and dream of the summer after Co
Another home office week comes to an end. Good to have our 😸 friends with us all the time. Do you h
Kitten dinner @kroostvanons. So cute 😻⁠⁠⁠#lucybalu #designforcats #catfurniture #katzenmöbel #c
We had a quite busy week. Many things to take care of after Christmas. Never had so many orders in o
What’s your plan for rearranging, remaking, redesigning your home? After Christmas we always have so
🎄Eat, drink, nap. Repeat. It's time for us to take a break from a fantastic year 2020. Thank you so
Happy evening to all of you! We hope you are all well at times of tightening lockdown. At least we g
Yeah! Our KITTEN CAVES have arrived. They are now available in our webshop. This time, we also made
Happy caturday! What a cute look 😻⁠⁠Gibt's was Süßeres als diesen Blick? ⁠⁠#kittenoftheday @kr
Wake up, its BLACK FRIDAY! We have reduced the FLOAT cat bed from 159 € to 129 € until 30.11.2020. O
Keeping the overview comfortably.😻 Your loved ones will love to lounge on our cat bed #FLOAT duri
As our humans spend more and more time at their home, they get to see us sleep, eat, drink, sleep an
Half stair, half bed. Made for ambitious climbers and two cat friends. Our WAVE is asymmetric and do
Our SCRATCHPAD has the thinnest frame in the world. And a BIG surface to scratch made of sisal. ⁠⁠
Happy Catureday! What else to do on Halloween than to relax on my beloved cat hammock. 👻⁠⁠Credits
Finally Friday! Time to relax and enjoy life after an exiting week. We have received a lot of intere
Many of our new followers have asked us how cats climb on our SWING hammock. That's what we have cre
🍀 GEWINNSPIEL 🍀⁠🍀 LucyBalu x Choupette Raffle - EU wide delivery 🍀⁠⁠#giveaway #concours We ar
We had an exciting and joyful weekend with the opening of our first pop up store in Munich. Hope to
Dine like a star. Every day. Easy to clean, always a delight for the eye.⁠⁠🇩🇪 Fressen wie ein St
Cats gotta scratch. So we designed the most beautiful scratchboard for them. 🖤⁠⁠Scratch pic: @mil
⁠Cats always reach for the higher peak. Build your invisible staircase to cat heaven. Far away from

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